We are committed to ensure the success of our partnership with helping in every aspect analysis of your business. With that information we are able to help create the best revenue stream solutions.


Through traditional and digital marketing efforts. 777 Gaming is committed to partnering with our locations to increase traffic and your bottom line. To put that simply: we want to get more butts in your seats! It is as important to us to promote your business as it is to promote our slots.


Branding is an essential aspect in any competitive business market; a strong brand provides consumers with strong expectations immediately. When buying an Apple product, for example, the consumer feels comfortable knowing they will get the best possible service. In the gaming industry, Awesome Hand Gaming is the strongest brand an establishment can have.


Social Media

With the growing digital trends, it is imperative to have a presence on social media. Awesome Hand Gaming urges all of its locations to actively engage with social media pages such as Facebook, Yelp, GooglePlus, Twitter, and Instagram. People are now using social media pages as a way to give both positive and negative feedback to bars and restaurants alike. With the growing importance of social media, Awesome Hand Gaming has compiled some tips their locations can (and should) put to use.


Your location must meet 1 of 5 establishment criteria

  • Truck Stop
  • Large Truck Stop
  • Liquor Pouring Establishment
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Veterans Establishments

– Check if your municipality or county has prohibited gaming.
– Check Zoning
– Sign a Use Agreement with 777 Gaming LLC.
– Fill out the Illinois Gaming Board Application. Construction must be complete when the application is filed with the IGB.
– Contact one of the three approved fingerprinting vendors to get fingerprinted immediately after submitting your location application.
– A site inspection will be scheduled by a gaming board agent once the application is complete and submitted.
– The IGB will approve your application at one of their regular meetings.
– 777 will deliver and install the gaming equipment.
– The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB), SCiGames and 777 Gaming coordinate a time to trn on the VGTs.
– GO LIVE – machines will be operable and you can start your video gaming business.

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