We help you get into the game every step of the way.

Our dedicated Compliance Team, works hard to walk to your through the steps of obtaining your gaming license, liquor license and municipality license.

777 Gaming is one of the most respected video gaming terminal operators in Illinois. Our operations include more than 2,000 gaming terminals across a network of more than 400 bar and retail gaming establishments throughout the state.

We are proud of our strong track record of regulatory compliance and have built a reputation for reliable around-the-clock service, backed by one of the industry’s most experienced teams. With our strong financial position, our reputation is well known in the Illinois VGT industry for our ability to quickly roll-out new games to our customers. We also offer casino-quality promotions and giveaways to help separate your establishment from the competition.

Location Planning

Our compliance team will help you plan when you open a new establishment, we can help you identify real estate and provide a marketing analysis for areas of interest. We also provide assistance with the layout and design aesthetic of your space and compliant with local code and compliance.

Layout And Design

Proper unit layout and design is a key success factor in retail gaming and needs to comply with Illinois Gaming Board code. We evaluate multiple configuration options for optimal design. Let the 777 team walk you through a layout design that best fits the characteristics of your establishment while keeping compliant. We can seamlessly integrate gaming into your establishment’s current design while creating an optimal environment for your gaming guests.

Electrical & Data Wiring

We equip our clients with the appropriate electrical wiring to ensure functionality of all equipment compliant with Municipality codes, Illinois Gaming Board Codes. Clients are wired for advantageous technology tools including machine performance analytics and cash management which provide performance and operational visibility.

Application & Licensing Support

Completing your application can seem like a stressful process. It does not have to be. Your compliance manager will walk you through the rules and regulations needed for acquiring your license and will assist with the submission of your application. 777 has assisted hundreds clients in the submission of a variety of applications and other requirements allowing us to make this easy for our clients.

Machine Selection

At 777 Gaming we install machines from the most profitable national VGT manufacturers, that fit your compliance application and ensure you have the right mix. We look at each establishment independently to determine the best machine mix based on the geographic region as well as the machine mix of local competitors.

Security Solutions

Part of the process of a successful licensing is video surveillance. We assist with the design and implementation of a complete security solution, which includes first-class DVR system, cameras and alarm monitoring.

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